About me

I see life as a journey written in many chapters. All chapters are inter-connected even if they look very different at different periods in life.

I have also found that there are certain themes that run like a red thread throughout the chapters. My passion for personal development is one of the most important of those threads and has manifested in various forms and shapes.

In search for some deeper understanding of myself and life, I left Germany and went travelling abroad for many years.

I was particularly drawn towards Buddhist countries and cultures and spent time in Sri Lanka, Burma and especially India. From an early age I was fascinated with meditation techniques and I went on to explore Buddhist contemplation practises. This culminated in my decision to become a Buddhist monk for five years to have the opportunity to spend as much time doing meditation and contemplation retreats as possible.

Coming back from my Asian travels it seemed like a natural progression to go on and train to become a counsellor. I gained my postgraduate qualification at the University of North London (now Metropolitan University) in 2001 and have volunteered as a counsellor in various settings.

At present I am a member of the Family Support Team at Hospice @ Home in Carlisle. I also feel it is important to broaden my training and completed successfully courses in complementary therapies like Reiki, Acupuncture and Healing Techniques. In 2019, I trained with Hermoine Elliott from 'Living Well Dying Well' to become a Death Doula.


It seems to me that this is the chapter in my life where it is the right moment to take the leap and settle down into private practise. I have found a conducive therapy room in Longtown, North Cumbria at the 'Esk Holistic Therapies' Centre which is a warm, welcoming and established place in the community.

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