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Online and Telephone Counselling

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The pandemic has changed all our lives, and many of us were left isolated and without support network to help in times of need.

As counsellors, we had to discontinue face to face client work and there was a moment of not knowing if there is an effective alternative.


In my work as a bereavement counsellor for Hospice at Home we started to offer online and telephone counselling and I soon realized that having sessions with clients over the phone and via an online platform worked very well indeed.


Now, after over a year of gaining experience in online counselling, I completed some exquisit, additional training with 'Counselling Tutor' to receive the official qualification, Online and Telephone Certified Counsellor.

I have moved all of my work online now and am happy to keep offering counselling session via that modern technology. ( I am using ZOOM ). I am confident that online counselling offers a wide range of advantages and some challenges, but it will be the next shift in delivering therapeutic work .

If you are seeking counselling but are hesitant to go online and would like to clear up some of your questions, please get in touch with me. We could explore and find out if online counselling is an option for you and what it would entail. The first session (20min) is free and meant to help you decide.

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